*born 1990 in Friedrichroda,
lives and works in Offenbach am Main

Hi my name is Anika,

and actually I´m studying art at the HfG-Offenbach.
My main interests are the disciplines of drawing, painting and of course the narration with pictures.

I´m also very interested to work directly with people in drawing, painting or comic lectures. What motivates me most is, that I can conveye my artistic and design knowledge, to help people to express their ideas better. I have already gained experience in adult education, guidance of children or students and as well with teenagers.

Lectures in Drawing and Comic
– for Schools or Universitys
– for Teamevents
– for private individuals

(the courses were mostly in german)

since September 2020, IGS15-Höchst
On behalf of the IFZ-Frankfurt, Tuesday Afternoon Working Group on: “Masks and Identity”

since September 2020, Montessorischule Hofheim
“Workshop for Free Drawing” and “Graphic Novel” classes.

since March 2020, Montessorischule Mühlheim
WPU-lessons with the topic: “Masks and Identity”

Summer Semester 2019, Hochschule Mannheim
Lesson with students in the 2nd semester, substitute semester in the subject of drawing II.

Spring 2019, Academy of Visual Arts
Workshop with the topic of “Free Drawing”.
The task was to draw and record the changing situations via sketchbook. The Locations were i.a. the airport, the Liebighaus, events of the HfMDK Frankfurt, the shopping mall Skyline Plaza and the district around the Central Station in Frankfurt.

since 2015, Freie Kunstakademie Frankfurt
Workshops with adults, teenagers and children with the Instructions on life drawing and free drawing.